Our policies



To develop, maintain and continually improve an integrated management system (IMS), G-Team INOX SERVIS s. r. o. has implemented the following policies:

  • Main focus of the company lies on taking a role of a reputable business partner and supplier in the manufacture and installation of the systems for water & wastewater treatment plants and pumping stations as well as in the manufacture and assembly of steel structures, giving the customer as well as its own team members a sense of trust and confidence.

  • The company management fully identifies with the requirements of ČSN EN ISO 9000, EN ISO 14000, ČSN EN ISO 3834 and ČSN OHSAS 18000 series of standards, namely with the principles of effective implementation and continuous improvement of the processes impacting the product quality, environmental processes and occupational safety in the company.

  • The company management constantly creates sufficient organizational, staffing and financial resources for the implementation, development and improvement of IMS.

  • Our corporate goal is to continuously improve our services, minimize environmental impacts and ensure the top quality of our products.

  • The purpose of our work consists in developing an active partnership with our suppliers during the clarifying mutual requirements and their fulfillment.

  • The company management is committed to:

    • Perform periodic reviews of IMS;

    • Set objectives and target values in terms of quality control, environmental protection and occupational safety for maintaining and continuous improvement of IMS;

    • Create appropriate conditions for the professional training of employees in the major lines of business;

    • Meet the statutory requirements and other rules applicable to the specific fields of environmental protection and occupational safety while giving special focus to precautionary approach to the above mentioned issues.

  • All employees will actively participate in the identification of hazards as well as in the assessment and control of risks in the company.

  • By adhering consistently to the safety rules, employees will contribute to minimizing the occurrence of industrial accidents and occupational diseases.